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Destruction of Tara Hall

Here is a little something that Barry O’Regan (Buddy)sent me that is important to all of us. No need to reply to me.  To those I have sent it to , please discard.  However to any Irish folk you know, please pass it on and stop this inanity.   I have included my scathing letter to this minister, below Barry’s words.  I think this is extremely important to our Irish heritage and I hope you agree.


Okay I know what you’re thinking, No it isn’t one of these friggin chain letters, I am certainly not one to jump on any bandwagon, I was emailed this article from Ireland, guess they are looking for Irish Email names.  Anyways I looked into it and was stunned they intend to destroy Tara.   If you know anyone of Irish Heritage or feel this is a story worth passing, please do so. Now where is my Tofu Spoon?
To us of Irish Ancestry, perhaps this is something that would be of interest to all of you.  The Irish Government’s Green Party are allowing construction and a freeway through the Nation site of “TARA”, the Irish Citizens are appealing to all of Irish Ancestry to email the Environment Minister Gormley to stop this from going through.  
 Minister John GormleyDepartment of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, Dáil Éireann, Leinster House, Dublin 2. johngormley@eircom.net

Phone (Work): +353-1-6184247 Phone (Mobile): +353-87-2756135 http://www.johngormley.com/2.
Here is the appeal and background info below.
The Irish government obviously needs to call a Referendum on the issue of rerouting the M3 away from the Hill of Tara!
Not only that, but the NRA (Natioinal Roads Authority) should be replaced with a National Transport Authority. It has been said that the 21st century will be the century of rail transport.The issue over the building of the M3 double-tolled freeway through the Tara / Skryne valleys is more than about preserving Ireland’s unique cultural heritage. It is also about making sound judgments on issues of sustainability for Ireland’s future!
Climate change and Peak Oil commentators are calling on governments to scrap all airport and road network expansion forthwith, because there will be plenty of spare capacity when we reach Peak Oil, in the near future!
American energy economist Roger Bezdek Dr. Roger Bezdek said, “I recommend that any proposed improvement or expansion projects (airports and roads) be subject to oil vulnerability analysis. How viable are these plans, not next year or the year after, or five years from now, but 10, 15, 20 years or in 30 years does it make economic sense to invest billions and billions of dollars.  The point is that you have to do a vulnerability assessment as due diligence.” More information on Peak Oil here:
Australian Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas http://www.aspo-australia.org.au/  Many of you probably know by now that following the recent Irish General Election, outgoing Minister for the Environment Dick Roche’s last act before leaving office was to give the go-ahead to construction of the M3 through Tara. He ordered the recently discovered henge at Lismullen be “preserved ‘as record’” and then demolished.
The new Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, Green Party TD John Gormley has the power to reverse Mr Roche’s order according to the National Monuments Acts, (2004) Section 14A (4) (d). According to Section 22 of the Interpretation Act, 2005, a Minister has the power to revoke or amend previous directions. This section reads: “A power conferred by an enactment to make a statutory instrument shall be read as including a power, exercisable in the like manner and subject to the like consent and conditions (if any), to repeal or amend a statutory instrument made under that power and (where required) to make another statutory instrument in place of the one so repealed.”"The Attorney General advised the Minister that he was powerless to reverse the decision of (previous Environment) Minister (Dick) Roche, unless there was a ‘material change in circumstances’, which there now is,” said TaraWatch spokesman Vincent Salafia. “It is plainly absurd to claim that newly discovered underground chambers and passages, possibly Early Christian, found exactly on the site of the last battle of the Fianna, are not important.
The Minister must investigate the situation in depth because every national monument in the country is at risk to the National Roads Authority with the biased, development-driven system of classification they are using,” he added.In the meantime, Tara Calls!
The Midsummer Solstice gathering on the Hill of Tara, 20 to 24 June, drew enthusiastic crowds from around the world. Continuing help is needed to prevent further damage by determined construction contractors. The recent heavy rains there have stopped the Bulldozers, but not for long!
You can camp out on the Hill of Tara!  Encourage friends in Ireland to join the Vigils! Hold the fort until the Green Party finds the way to fulfill their election promise to protect Tara!  For VIGIL information contact the following on-sight groups.
TaraSolidarityVigil.net contact@tarasolidarityvigil.net  PH: 086 175 8557 (Ireland)TaraWatch.org Monuments Watch: info@tarawatch.org    PH: 087-972-8603 (Ireland)SaveTara.com  info@savetara.com   PH: 086 1758557 (Ireland)What else to do…1. Write a friendly congratulatory letter (a real letter will carry more authority) to Minister Gormley, asking him to fulfill his election promise to save Tara, and to take note of the  National Monuments Act, above, which bestows sole authority upon him to overturn the directives of his predecessor.
ADDRESS: Minister John GormleyDepartment of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, Dáil Éireann, Leinster House, Dublin 2. johngormley@eircom.net
Phone (Work): +353-1-6184247 Phone (Mobile): +353-87-2756135 http://www.johngormley.com/2.
Write to your Irish Embassies and Consulates Abroad to tell them how you feel about the desecration and destruction surrounding the Hill of Tara.
ADDRESSES here: http://www.dfa.ie/home/index.aspx?id=2853 . Write to blogs and newspapers and phone talk shows.click here for Irish media address detailshttp://globalartscollective.org/acf/act_now.htm4  .
Join those keeping vigils to protect Tara for any amount of time–an hour, a day, a week.5. Light a candle for Tara.7. Contact family, friends, networks and ask them to help keep international attention on Tara. The campaign must go on.
Arts Practitioners in Australia, Italy, Germany, Belgium, USA are continuing to raise awareness through the Anam Cara for Tara arts action campaign.
Download the b&w information handbill and give it to family, friends, students, colleagues, audience members –here: http://www.AnamCaraFestival.org
There is hope! Slán aChara, Maireid Sullivanhttp: www.GlobalArtsCollective.org
Press release by The Tara Foundation17th June 2007For immediate releaseThe Tara Foundation has lodged complaints with the European Commission against the Irish State over the M3 Motorway in Co. Meath and the onshore gas refinery at Ballinaboy, Co Mayo.The details of the complaints are as follows.In the first complaint, Coillte, the Irish State Foresty Board, was cited as being in contempt of a ruling by the European Court of Justice with respect to its sale of land at Ballinaboy to Shell, and its transfer of land at Rath Lugh, Co. Meath to the National Roads Authority, via Compulsory Purchase Order.
 In 2003, the European Court of Justice found that Coillte was an entity wholly owned and controlled by the State, and not a private company, as it had falsely represented itself to be. Coillte’s legal role is as caretaker of Ireland’s forests, not owner of them.  Under Irish law, the forests of Ireland are the property of the people of Ireland. Coillte’s transfer of public land to Shell and the National Roads Authority was therefore illegal.In the second complaint, Meath County Council and the National Roads Authority were cited as being in breach of European Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) regulations, with respect to the Environmental Impact Statements prepared for the M3 Motorway. European EIA regulations require all alternatives to an infrastructure scheme to be evaluated, and for the proposed scheme to be justified with respect to these alternatives. In the case of the M3, no alternative schemes were considered, such as reopening the Navan-Dublin rail line in conjunction with upgrading the N3, reopening the line in conjunction with a non-motorway grade relief road, etc. In addition, it was argued that the Environmental Impact Statements made no reference to the impact on the existing infrastructure, the local community and the environment from traffic avoiding the two proposed tolling stations. EndsContact: thetarafoundation@yahoo.ie http://www.tara-foundation.org Village Magazine June 2007Lismullin – part of a greater national monumentJoe FenwickDepartment of Archaeology,National University of Ireland, Galway The defining archaeological feature associated with the major prehistoric royal centres of Navan Fort, Co Armagh, Knockaulin, Co. Kildare, Rathcroghan, Co Roscommon and the pre-eminent royal site of Tara, Co Meath, is the concentration of large-scale, high-status and unusual monument types, many of which are a funerary, ritual or ceremonial nature. It has long been recognised that each monument within the Tara landscape is an integral part of Tara.The recently-discovered ceremonial enclosure at Lismullin, one of the many archaeological monuments along the motorway corridor, is the only one to have been elevated to national monument status. It is a remarkable monument, though at 80m in diameter, is nowhere near as extensive as the multi-period, archaeological complex at Baronstown, situated midway between the hills of Tara and Skryne. Neither has it yielded the extraordinary range of high-status artefacts that has come to light at the early-Medieval site at Roestown, north of Dunshaughlin, or the exotic range of late-Prehistoric/early-Historic burial practices unearthed at Collierstown. In this instance, however, its royal credentials simply cannot be denied.The most compelling archaeological parallels to the Lismullin monument can be found at Navan Fort, Knochaulin and Rathcroghan. Here, too, within the confines of a ritual enclosure or sanctuary, are found large, timber-built circular structures approached by a funnel-shaped avenue from the east. Dating to the late-Bronze Age/Iron Age, these “temples” are inextricably linked to the pre-Christian ritual and ceremonialactivities that occurred at these major royal centres. Lismullin is no different. Situated adjacent to the River Gabhra with an unobstructed view to the Hill of Tara, its presence in the valley demonstrates conclusively that those who built it perceived this place to be an integral part of Tara’s ritual landscape.Hill of Taraby James Mullin. In 1902, when the Hill of Tara was last threatened with excavation and destruction, three notable Irishmen, Douglas Hyde, George Moore and WB Yeats, wrote a letter to the Times of London, saying: “Tara is, because of its associations, probably the most consecrated spot in Ireland, and its destruction will leave many bitter memories behind it.”Tara was saved 100 years ago, but now its threatened again. This time, Taoiseach Bertie Ahern and his party, Fianna Fáil, have decreed that the M3 motorway must go through the Hill of Tara complex on its way to Dublin.They say it’s time to make straight the way of the commuter, but it’s really about the needs of the voracious Celtic Tiger economy. The politician, the entrepreneur, the bureaucrat and the developer have joined forces and they see nothing of redeeming value in Ireland’s ancient cultural and historical heritage.As Emerson wrote: “`Tis the day of the chattel, Web to weave, and corn to grind, Things are in the saddle, And ride mankind.” Yes, it seems that the new Ireland has lost its soul in a greasy till.In a May 25th New York Times editorial aboit the battle for Tara, Irish poet Paul Muldoon pointed out that the Tara-Skryne Valley contains a high concentration of ceremonial monuments in addition to the Hill of Tara, the seat of the High Kings of Ireland.“Archaeologists calculate that the oldest of the monuments, the Mound of the Hostages, was raised in about 3000 B.C., thus making it roughly contemporaneous with the construction of Stonehenge and the pyramids of Egypt. This monument contains a chamber in which, at the festivals of Imbolc (Feb. 1) and Samhain (Nov. 1), the rising sun is perfectly aligned, just as at the winter solstice in the great passage tomb at nearby Newgrange, a shaft of sunlight penetrates the inner sanctum…”Much is at stake, but the recent Irish election didn’t seem to change a thing, despite Fianna Fáil making a coalition partner of the Green Party of Ireland. Back on May 14, 2007, (a long time ago in political terms) the Green Party called for all work to be halted on the construction of M3, and its Environment and Heritage spokesperson, Ciaran Cuffe, called the M3 project “an act of cultural and historic vandalism”.What a difference a month makes! Now John Gormley, the Green Party’s chairman, is the new Environment and Heritage Minister and his colleague, Eamon Ryan, was given the Communications, Energy and Natural Resources portfolio. The Greens say they raised the M3/Tara issue during coalition discussions, “but we did not win that argument”. Looks like they’ve sold out their environmental ethics and the Hill of Tara for two tiny ministries.Bertie rigged the deck before the coalition deal was made, anyway. He directed his outgoing Environment Minister, Dick Roche, to sign off on plans to excavate Lismullin, a recently discovered ceremonial monument site found on the path of the M3 motorway. The site will be photographed and preserved “by record”(on paper).The discovery and excavation of the Lismullin site is, or was, the last impediment to the construction of M3. Roche said he was “clearing his desk before leaving the department”, and “it would have been mean-spirited to leave such decisions for a successor.” How thoughtful.Now the Green Party ministers claim they are powerless to overturn Roche’s decision. In fact, they say they will not seek to re-route the M3 motorway during the next five years! It’s easy being green.Muireann Ní Bhrolcháin of the Campaign to Save Tara condemned Mr Roche’s actions. “Tara is not only one of the 100 most endangered sites now. It is the most endangered landscape in the world.”After Minister Roche’s decision, Michael Canney, of the Campaign to Save Tara, said, “Lismullin will be defended and we welcome the opportunity to, once and for all, focus and concentrate the minds of the people of Ireland on what they will lose should this road go ahead as planned.”Ireland’s cultural heritage is Irish-America’s cultural heritage, and it is up to us to defend it as much any Irish citizen in Ireland should be expected to.


Letter from JoeyO to the minister:


Minister John Gormley
Department of the Environment,
Heritage and Local Government,
Dáil Éireann, Leinster House,
Dublin 2,
Ireland                                                                                                  June 27, 2007



Dear John: 

 I am a 6th generation full blooded Canadian Irish Catholic, on both sides dating all the way back to the boats that brought my family from the Emerald Isle and all of their progeny since.    From what I have been told, I am a direct descendant of Brian Borough as my heritage goes back to the hills of Tara Hall. 

I speak to you today of the affront to the possible destruction of Tara Hall and its surroundings.  If our heritage is to be recognized, it is to be recognized for what it was and is, in the original structural format, and not that of celluloid or copied to a DVD as that of the electronic age.  Could you imagine, the world horror if the Egyptian, Incan, the Chinese Wall, the crying wall of Jerusalem…. …were to be devasted and only put on DVD for the masses to see. This is not “Soylent Green”.  This is the sacrosanct Hall of Tara with its’ surroundings, and everything that Ireland represents as the centre of all Kings bowing to the great Brian Borough for  peace in the world as it was and as it shall be. The blasting of the Buddhist figures by the Taliban was tantamount to catastrophy, and so would the destruction of the glorious Tara, for a roadway, that can be circumvented otherwise. 

7 million Irish emigrated from the “Great Green Island’ around the time of the great potato famine, not for want but for necessity – that need not be explained here.  The Irish were fundamental in setting the rules of law and civil procedure throughout North America and fear no reciprocity in the name of justice.  We proud people take and carry our ancestry, and the “rights of people” to bear throughout the world, very seriously.  That is the legacy of Tara Hall.

Do you want your proud family name to go down in history as the ‘GREAT DESTROYER OF TARA HALL”?  Are you aligning yourself with the errant ethics or ideologies, of those that gave away the northern provinces to England’s domination in the name of progress and economy, let alone the discord that ensues.  Maybe you should rethink this “Noblesse Oblige” strategy, as this is your chance to right a possible and horrifically severe wrongdoing. Such will be your fate if you follow through with this insanity and the demolition of “true Irish heritage”, and all the folklore that surrounds Tara Hall with its ruins.

                                                                                         … page 2








Revise these plans for a superhighway.  Be proud that you are Irish to every piece of history that made this great nation what it is today – in the eyes of the “sons and daughters” of Ireland throughout the world, and those that respect the Irish for what they are – the ambassadors of the righteous.  We protect the undertrodden in the name of civility and speak our minds when it is obvious that we must do so.   

You must protect Tara Hall and its surroundings, else you and yours that carry your ancestral name will forever suffer that wrath and shame of the Irish throughout the world.  Will you be the traitor taint history and be remembered as “The Destroyer of Irish heritage”.  As our people eventually return to visit our ancestral land, we must protect for that we visit.  Without history, the world learns nothing, as there is nothing to remember.  Ireland is more than an island in the Atlantic.  It is a great nation, whose progeny has prolifered throughout the world, and not to be destroyed from within.  Take heed to this letter of affirmation, lest that shame will follow you and your family throughout history.  The blood that runs through my veins is as Irish as any born to the Emerald Irish.


******************** Erin & Tara go bragh***********************




Respectfully yours,
Joseph Brian O’Regan,  Canadian




Great fun with great people on a perfect little course PLUS! great poutine.

Sunday, July 22nd.

Mary needs numbers and money so please rsvp.



Golf usually starts at the crack of noon but there are those who go up a little early for the breakfast.


The McGuire Doctors

Once again, Carole, Dan, Sean and I are enrolled in MiniMed at UfO. This will be our second round. Last year’s class was quite excellent (of course, because we’re back for more!). This year Sean’s girlfriend Michelle is joining us. How wonderful!

Of course we all know that Dan is an expert on everything, so this should only add to perfection. Is that even possible?!

Funny, when I went to pick up my registration and gave them my name they said, “Oh, there’s quite a few of you McGuire’s”. I responded, “You have no idea”.

Welcome to the world, Ryan Patrick Sheehan!

David and Michelle proudly present, Ryan Patrick Sheehan! Ryan is 8 lbs and was born at 5:51, January 20th.

Said David,

“He’s looking around with eyes of still undetermined colour. Blue? Brown? He’s feisty, pushing hands away and grabbing and pulling fingers in range. His fighting sprit helped him survive the birth, and it should make our lives very interesting for the next 18 yrs. He has a very robust chest and strong little arms and legs and I’m trying to decide which olympic event(s) to enter him into. He has a little dark hair on his head, and Linda (Michelle’s Mom) thinks he has my eyes.”

Said Emily (clearly more eloquent),

“Baby Ryan Patrick Sheehan has finally made his Grande entrance into this family… Wow, what a stunning feat Dave and Michelle have performed. Poor Michelle, over 24 hours of labour! Mommy Michelle and Papa Dave have a son! Incredible. “

Ryan Patrick Sheehan Pic1 Ryan Patrick Sheehan Pic2


Added Barry O’Regan’s blog link

I’ve added Barry O’Regan’s blog link to the links section if you want to keep up with what’s going through his head (then again, you may not! :> )

Happy 70th Birthday Rose!

Happy Birthday Rose! 70?! That MUST be a typo.

Rose, you are the sweetest of the sweet, always there with a disarming smile, a gentle word, wise thoughts, and a warm hug. Here is wishing you happiness, health, and love on your birthday (and, every day!).

What better way to open up this site and welcome everyone but with birthday wishes to you!


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