Welcome to the world, Ryan Patrick Sheehan!

David and Michelle proudly present, Ryan Patrick Sheehan! Ryan is 8 lbs and was born at 5:51, January 20th.

Said David,

“He’s looking around with eyes of still undetermined colour. Blue? Brown? He’s feisty, pushing hands away and grabbing and pulling fingers in range. His fighting sprit helped him survive the birth, and it should make our lives very interesting for the next 18 yrs. He has a very robust chest and strong little arms and legs and I’m trying to decide which olympic event(s) to enter him into. He has a little dark hair on his head, and Linda (Michelle’s Mom) thinks he has my eyes.”

Said Emily (clearly more eloquent),

“Baby Ryan Patrick Sheehan has finally made his Grande entrance into this family… Wow, what a stunning feat Dave and Michelle have performed. Poor Michelle, over 24 hours of labour! Mommy Michelle and Papa Dave have a son! Incredible. “

Ryan Patrick Sheehan Pic1 Ryan Patrick Sheehan Pic2


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