Poll: Should replying to the mail list go to everyone?


Update (Sept 26/07): Vote was to not reply to mail list. Voting now closed.


When you receive email from the allfamily mail list, and you hit “reply” in your mailer, presently it goes back to the mail list. This is either handy, confusing, or annoying.

Option 1: Yes, I enjoy the banter

This is a vote to keep things as they are. Pros are that you can have a “conversation” in the mail list. Cons are:

(1) it looks like the email is from the sender so replying to the list can be surprising, or embarrassing, and

(2) it creates a lot of email (there’s 50 of us on the list!).

Option 2: No, its annoying

This is a vote to remove this feature. If you try to reply to email from the mail list it’ll go nowhere. Actually it goes to me, the administrator, via a strange “bounces” email address. If you want to reply to everyone, you will need to change the “To:” part of the email you are sending to be the allfamily email list address.

Option 3: Don’t care

(self explanatory)

Please let me know what you think, by voting and commenting on this entry!

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