Poll: Should viewing gallery photos continue to require login?


Update (Sept 26/07): Vote was to keep login. Voting now closed.


The shared photo gallery presently requires login to view photos. I set it up this way to prevent “web crawlers” (programs that scour web sites) from finding and making available these photos. This prevents random people from seeing and using the photos because say they did a google image search.
However, since the purpose of the gallery is to share photos, I’ve set it up so that anyone can log in as a guest (name: “friends” password: “forlife”). I print exactly how to do this on the gallery home page. This means that humans coming to the site have easy access to the pictures, but programs don’t.

So what’s the big deal if web crawlers find the pictures? I could make up some scenarios to scare you (like a picture of your daughter showing up on a child porn site), but they are pretty unlikely. Mostly I think its important since I know enough about search engines and data mining to be careful about what information I provide that is searchable.

Option 1: Yes

This will keep things as they are.

Option 2: Yes, plus remove “friends” login

This would be an even more restrictive approach. It would require people to say email me to ask for a password to the site. Most won’t bother though so nobody will look at your pictures.

Option 3: No, it’s a hassle

This is a vote to remove login to view pictures. Everyone can see them, including web crawlers, indexers, etc. Vote for this if you think it’s annoying to require a login and serves no real useful purpose.

Option 4: I don’t understand the question

(self explanatory)

Option 5: Don’t care

(self explanatory)

Please let me know what you think, by voting and commenting on this entry!

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