How to: The Web Log

This web log is a shared place for keeping a permanent record of our announcements or thoughts.


Before you can post, you must register. This is a different registration that the email list or the photo gallery, unfortunately. Registering is completely painless. Click the Login link and fill in the information requested. You will get an email with your new password. That’s it!


You can now log in to post. When you log in, you will see some helpful links, one of which allows you to change your password to something easier to remember.

Posting a new entry is very easy.

To post:

  1. Click the “Post!” link
  2. In “Title”, type in the title sentence for your post
  3. In the “Post” section, type in the paragraph text.
  4. If you want to get fancy, you can use the little toolbar above to bold, italics, indent, etc. See next for how to add a picture.
  5. When you’re finished editing, click the “Publish” button bottom right of the post text area. Voila, done!

To include a picture in your post:

  1. First you need to get the picture on the site.
  2. Below the “Post” section you will see a tab called “Upload”.
  3. You will see a box “File:” and a button “Browse…”. Click the “Browse” button.
  4. You’ll now be navigating your computer. Find the picture to include in your post. When you’ve selected it press “Open” in the file dialog.
  5. Back in your web browser, the “File:” text box should now contain a bunch of text (the file path to the picture).
  6. Type in some “Title” information to be nice.
  7. Press the “Upload” button
  8. You will see a “Browse” tab beside where “Upload” was, and you should see a thumbnail of the picture you uploaded.
  9. Click on that thumbnail of your picture, a menu will pop up (this isn’t how you’re used to getting menus but just go with it)
  10. Click the “Send to Editor” option towards the bottom of the menu
  11. In the “Post” text area you should now see your picture!
  12. You can then apply the various formatting like center justify it, move it around, etc.