Home of the McGuire family of Ottawa (but now in many many places).
There are three “services” provided for you:

  1. The mail list
  2. The picture gallery
  3. The web log (blog)

Unfortunately each has its own list of users and registration.

The Mail List

This is the most popular service. If you want to make an announcement you will probably want to post to the mail list. See How to: The Mail List for details.

The Album

There is the shared photo album which you can get to from our Links section. View existing photos or add your own! This is a more polite way to share pictures, as opposed to emailing people with big picture attachments.

If you want to add, you will need a login registration. This is different than the mail list and blog registration. See How to: The Photo Album linked off our main page.

Commenting and Posting to this Web Log (blog)

You can comment on existing posts, or post something new. Think of this as a shared diary.  You can do two things:

  1. Comment on existing entries
  2. Post new ones

To comment on an existing post, just click on the “Comments” link below the post and fill in your comment. If this is your first time commenting, it will be held for moderation (to prevent spam from showing up on our site). You do not need to register in order to comment. See How to: The Web Log.  If you have registered, or have a previously approved comment, your comments will appear immediately without moderation required.

To post a new entry, follow the instructions in How to: The Web Log. When you post a new entry it will appear at the top of the blog. You should post things here that either aren’t time critical or that you’d like a semi permanent record of. For example, a description of a trip you were on, details about an event that you had already notified people of via the email list, or some thoughts that you wanted to share.